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A collection of testimonials from fellow industry professionals.


"Dayn was a wonderful editor to work with! From story beats to layouts, reading flow and any minor art or grammar goofs, their feedback was always useful and well thought out. It helps that Dayn has experience editing, creating AND studying comics, and thanks to that can communicate really well with us as artists and storytellers.  Dayn was pivotal to the creation and development of Blades of Furry and we would not have found the success we have right now without them! Anyone who works with them in the future will be lucky to have them!" 


"Dayn, in my experience as a comic creator, is hands down the best editor I have ever had. They’re attentive, passionate, and understanding with all projects they take on. Blades of Furry, me and my wife’s comic, would not have became a Webtoon Originals without them. Every fellow creator and colleague that has had the pleasure of working with Dayn always say how amazing they are. (And how much we all miss them.) Dayna was super understanding of our needs, got excited about our story and had great input and feedback, was always available when there was a late-night comic emergency and much, much more. Any company would be lucky to have Dayn on their staff! Not only are they an asset, but will be able to connect with creators on a deeper level, that as a creator I have yet to have with any other editor."


"I owe my place at Webtoon to Dayn!! They were there betting on me from the start, and I think about it every time I can’t believe where I’m standing right now in my career. There hasn’t been a day when I’m not wishing my next editor is half as rad as them."

“When I worked with Dayn, they were one of the most dedicated members of our team. They made juggling 3 sets of job duties look effortless, though I know it must’ve been quite challenging considering the responsibilities involved. Any team would be lucky to have them and will be surprised by their zeal, efficiency, and heart.”


"Working with Dayn was working with someone who put in the extra effort to hype everything up, story to writer. On top of editing and working on the comic, Dayn was genuinely invested in the story, endlessly interested in the characters and always took care to make me believe in myself."


"As someone who was new to making webcomics, Dayn's guidance and patience helped calm my anxiety starting out, and it's really thanks to them that I feel more confident in making comics. Little Matcha Girl is what it is today thanks to them."

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